Nils T. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

4 months ago

Qualia for ADHD

I am not a doctor, nor has a doctor recommended this to me. But I use Caffeine Free Qualia Mind to treat my "inattentive" type ADHD. I know it 100% works because the other day I forgot to take it, and by about 1:30 in the afternoon I noticed that I had stopped what I was doing and was just staring out into space. I have always been productive at work where I have strong external motivators, but since going on Qualia I have been productive at home in the evenings and on the weekends too. Which is especially important these days now that I'm workin from home full time. This transition to leaving the office would have been brutal without Qualia.

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Scott L. September 4, 2018

Fantastic Product

Best over the counter nootropic that I have ever tried! Yes, more focus. Yes, more energy. Yes, more motivation. But most of all, Qualia just leaves me feeling really clear and "clean" for lack of better description. I highly recommend Qualia to anyone looking for a competitive edge in the busine...

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David M. May 8, 2020

It might work but I can't really tell yet.

I started with 6 per morning, now I'm up to 8. I got caffeine free because I love my morning cup of joe, so I can't say that it is helping me above and beyond the coffee. I plan to up my dose again next week.

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Brad H. March 13, 2020


The first day I knew it was going to be great. My motivation to get things done is at an all time high. I am really feeling good since starting this and Eternus.

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eric k. July 7, 2019

The results were not what I desired, but I could see how it could be useful.

At first, I apparently wasn't getting proper sleep so I got that in check. I would consider myself active on an average rate and my diet I would say, is pretty nutritiously balanced. After a couple weeks of taking seven capsules every morning, I found myself feeling too hyper-focused on specific ...

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