William L. reviewed Qualia Mind

almost 3 years ago

Qualia Mind

I haven't used it long enough to give you a good response. But so far so good.

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Asher E. February 4, 2023

Gives a boost in mental energy and mood

I noticed a boost in my mood the first time I took it. I almost felt a buzz similar to nicotine. I like it overall but for me, it is too expensive.

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Kenneth S. June 21, 2022

Great combination!

It provides great energy!

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Patrick . January 6, 2022

5 stars

jordanis l. September 2, 2023

Great boost of Energy, take with caution to what you will use it for

I tend to use this product when im getting ready for a long study session, it helps me focus for sure! I have to be quite careful at not getting distracted, unfortunately this doesn't help too much with distractions, but it does help with focus overall! Also since it has so much b12 It helps my w...

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