Jesslyn M. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 4 years ago

Qualia Mind

Excellent Product! Highly Recommended! Highly focused!

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David S. May 24, 2022

The Creative Mind

I noticed my creative thoughts and my ability to move through procrastination enhanced.

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John L. October 31, 2021

Great Product

Huge boost, great clean acuity without any of the anxiousness of other products.

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Riley M. September 1, 2021

I love this product!

I feel smarter already! Thank you!

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Amanda C. May 19, 2021

I get it now

The first two weeks, I did not feel as if it was working, or if it was just another product that was over priced and under delivered. Then one night during the end of a late night volleyball game, I was still sharp, attentive and full of vigor. On my way home, I realized this was working slowly a...

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