Amelia R. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

4 months ago

Qualia Mind

This product keeps me going. This product improves my mental clarity so that I can handle complicated work, and I'm using it while I transfer to a keto lifestyle. I took one star off because of the taste of the product --fishy and hay but mostly fishy. It isn't fish in it --it's likely the sea algae extracts. Those are excellent for you, but for the sake of those out here, can you coat the capsules in something where we can't taste it? I've been taking Qualia Mind on and off for a year, taking it one day and leaving it off for several, and there's nothing that compares to the mental focus, but I've hit a point where I can't swallow the capsules due to the gag reflex. I've tried hiding the taste various ways, but it's almost impossible to get them down. Yesterday I did get the capsules down, but I literally vomited them up a few seconds after the last capsule. The fishy taste of that algae is so pervasive that I can't keep them down. Please, please, please solve this!! Today I'm going to experiment with coconut oil mixed with cocoa powder for a chocolate glaze on the capsules. I'll still be burping the fishy taste for a while, but maybe that will help.

Neurohacker Collective
You are right, the Qualia Mind capsules and their contents definitely have a smell/taste to them. This is normal and is due to the ingredient AlgaDHA, as you mentioned, as it is derived from algae and can have that smell/taste to it if you are sensitive to it. Our Qualia Mind Essentials formulation does not contain AlgaDHA, if you'd prefer to switch to that formula. If so, please reach out to our support staff at [email protected] so they can assist you further. Thank you so much!

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