Darrel and Therese Z. reviewed Qualia Mind

3 months ago

Qualia Mind

I have been taking Qualia mind for 1 month now. I take 1 hour before officially getting up in the morning. I do feel great. No mind fog and clear thinking. I have been “hacking” my own supplements for a number of years now and feel terrific. That said my routine of exercise, eating well, being in nature and taking my own supplements (lions mane, tremella, cordyceps, tumeric, ginger, cinnamon and a host of others) already make me feel good. The addition of Qualia mind has added to my general well being. I do give it a 4 as it is pricey. Being a Canadian customer adds an extra 25-30% depending on exchange rate and then an additional duty charge of $20. It is an outstanding product though. I can see myself taking it intermittently to cut my cost although maybe this will totally decrease benefits of taking.

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