Hiram A. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 2 years ago

Qualia Mind - Increase Clarity

Just finished taking Qualia Mind for a week, and I can definitely notice an increase in my clarity, focus and concentration all day long. I have some ADD symptoms and struggle with focus/concentration and task switching at times. My performance has definitely improved and I can just think better and see more options. I also noticed a decrease back to "previous normal" in my clarity, focus and concentration on my off days, returning to baseline levels. Im very happy that this product does not have a Redbull effect of a temporary energy rush with fast heartbeats and then a crash. This is my first time taking a cognitive supplement and I definitely plan to continue using this product. I also really like the fact that this product is designed to have long term cognitive benefits and has clinical research behind it.

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Kaye O. April 13, 2021


I am seeing definite improvement in memory recall and mental energy. Thank you

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Carol C. August 16, 2023

About time

I'm so happy to have found qualia to refresh and move away from brain fog.

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MICHAEL C. March 23, 2024

Cognitive Support for a Senior Citizen

Qualia Mind by Neurohacker Collective provides the mental focus, drive & recall that I need as a full-time Field Service Engineer. It helps me cope with stress & daily pressures from job & travel. Believe me, I've tried just about any product on the market to deal with brain fog, re...

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Deborah H. June 21, 2023


I have mental clarity all day keeps me focused on driving forward on completing tasks

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