daniel g. reviewed Qualia Focus

over 1 year ago


My Qualia focus sample did what i expected. It's perfect for starting the day off right. I appreciate you guys so much for offering the trial, i will keep that in mind if i feel i need more nootropic

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Mary A. May 25, 2023

I have been under a huge amount of mental stress lately, and Focus has made my work days better and helped to me to stay more focused and on track.

I didn’t notice much difference at first. For me, I have almost noticed a cumulative effect. It seems like the longer I take it the more it helps me. I’ve been under a lot of mental stress lately, and I’ve had a hard time staying focused and motivated at work. It seems to help me to stay on task ...

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William G. May 24, 2023

Great Product

I feel focused and alert while on this product. With my high stress job as an engineer, this supplement has not disappointed.

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Luis P. February 14, 2023


Larry O. October 18, 2022

Solid Product

Great ingredients including L-Theanine, Moderate Caffeine level, Also includes L-Ornithine, and multiple other ingredients, overall solid product not relying solely on caffeine and B-Vitamins

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