Brandon N. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

about 1 year ago

Quality Ingredients/ Good results

I took Qualia Mind for 5 days. I took it as directed and got good results. The stimulants were just enough to give me a jolt to wake up but not too much. Some days I took it with food because I had upset stomach without food. I felt like I didn't have brain fog nearly as bad as before.

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Ken R. October 9, 2020

The effects of this product were very subtle but by day three I definitely felt like it was giving me a edge. Things were going smooth at work, was getting challenging tasks done right in one and done. You know those days when everything goes right and falls into place without struggling? Well that's how things felt after a couple days in.

I didn't feel anxious or jittery at all, infact I didn't think it was affecting me. By day three my work was becoming more efficient and precise so I do think it helped.

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William G. November 27, 2019

Great, but I would prefer a no caffeine version.

Good for improving focus, but messes with my blood sugar regulation. I think that is mostly the caffeine.

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Dan H. September 26, 2019

I have been taking this for over a year now and I have had nothing but a positive experience. When I combine Qualia Focus with my morning breathing (Wim Hof Method), meditation and a CrossFit workout I will have 6-10 incredibly productive hours. I would put my productivity increase due to Quali...

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Brandon C. January 29, 2021

I feel more energy for my daily tasks and can think clearly about all the steps I need to do to complete them

Clear Mind

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