Brandon N. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

over 1 year ago

Quality Ingredients/ Good results

I took Qualia Mind for 5 days. I took it as directed and got good results. The stimulants were just enough to give me a jolt to wake up but not too much. Some days I took it with food because I had upset stomach without food. I felt like I didn't have brain fog nearly as bad as before.

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Brian M. October 8, 2020

Pleasant but mild energy boost

There was a noticeable effect from the first day. There was a mild energy boost, smooth without any discomfort. Felt good in general. Did not notice any cognitive effects.

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Stephanie C. October 18, 2020

Not the Right Time of Life for this one?

I got a bit of lift from the product about half an hour after taking it most mornings of the 5 day trial but by early to mid afternoon I felt that slightly wired tired feeling similar to if i've had too much coffee. Weirdly enough I had about 3 days of craving decaf coffee about 2 hours after tak...

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Elijah S. May 10, 2021

Procrastination eliminated. Focus feels improved. Mind blown.

The sole reason I gave Qualia- Mind Essentials a chance was because Daniel Schmachtenberger was involved. I've never consumed any dietary supplements other that creatine back when I worked out. It should be noted that at the same time as starting Qualia mind I also improved my diet. However, I si...

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Josh K. February 10, 2021

I only used two of the 5 shots. Not sure if I got a bad batch or what, but the shots were very chalky and I did not like the taste. I also felt very little effect. So between the taste and limited effect I don't plan to use the remaining three shots.


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