Rachel B. reviewed Qualia Immune

12 months ago

Ready to tackle my day.

I honestly feel better than usual. I've tried a lot of "immunity" products in the past- and to be honest most of them never really made me feel any different. This product is different though. I literally feel a lot better in my day to day life.

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Kyle B. February 5, 2021

Immune study samples, up them samples.

Decent, no negative effects, doesn’t seem like a sufficient amount to be able to properly determine its overall effects. Thank you for the inclusion in the study and the sample.

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Benjamin Z. January 31, 2021

Feels like my body is more resilient

Adobe using these, I have noticed a resilience to longer days and don't feel the same run down effect as before

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Stephanie P. June 22, 2020

Not bad, not great

Generally good. Felt fine while taking it. I didn’t notice any significant changes as to sleep or energy. Definitely did not become ill, which is the point. I have a temperamental stomach, which this product softened my stools a bit, which was more annoying than problematic.

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Hunter R. February 2, 2021

Amazing Product

This product made my stomach feel settled and at ease. I feel healthier while taking this supplement and definitely feel the benefits.

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