Conrad W. reviewed Qualia Night | Beta Tester

almost 2 years ago

Recommended dosage for Qualia Night too high

Ultimately, I did sleep deeply while using the product. However, I thought the recommended dosage of four capsules was too much. It is a potent concoction which proved, in my subjective case, to have surpassed optimal. Note, as well, that during this trial I have been taking Eternus as recommended. That likely did contributed to my perspective of Qualia Night being too potent at the recommended dosage as Eternus is also designed to promote higher quality sleep. I want to recount my experience on Qualia Night. I took 4 capsules each night and largely had the same experience each night. I took the 4 capsules with dinner which I typically enjoy two to three hours before I turn the lights off for bed. Note as well that I have a fairly consistent sleep routine sleeping from 10:00 PM to about 5:00AM every day. Each night I had more trouble than usually falling asleep. My mind was exceptionally active when laying down and nothing notable had occurred as to give credible explanation as to why that might have been (e.g. no stressful event that hyper-activated the mind, no ingestion of additional stimulants like caffeine at irregular hours, etc.). I would toss and turn for roughly an hour and half before deciding to take a powdered magnesium supplement (approx. 1 heaping teaspoon: Natural Vitality's Calm - calmful sleep) to counteract the hyper-activity. Within 20 to 30 minutes my body and mind would be relaxed enough to sleep. I would sleep through the night, hardly moving or changing positions. When I woke in the morning I would feel less motivated to get right out of bed. I would drift between wakefulness and light sleep for roughly 30 minutes as I struggled with exceptional grogginess. When I did get out of bed I would continue to feel "loaded" with much sluggishness, grogginess, cloudiness, typical of high adenosine levels which would resolve after drinking coffee. Then I would feel relatively alter and ready. I did however continue to feel more tired than usual throughout the day. If I were to buy Qualia night, I would probably experiment with two capsules instead of four. Again, I did sleep very deeply when I did get to sleep and I think it would be great to aid in recovery for when I am sick or recovering from intense physical activity, injury or participation in some particularly intellectually or physiologically taxing event.

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Pam E. July 9, 2020

Restorative Sleep Indeed!

I do not get enough sleep. I wake up felling like I just need to stay in bed until I started taking Qualia Night. Now even if I don’t get enough hours, I wake up feeling like I can still face the day! It’s a miracle!

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Jeffrey M. August 14, 2020


my experience was very subtle. I fell asleep easily, slept well and woke up significantly more alert and able to move easily. Lack of stiffness and grogieness was evident.

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Glenn H. March 18, 2020

A way to more efficient sleep

Sleep latency and efficiency were slightly improved. Sleep fragmentation was greatly improved. The vividness of dreams was enhanced and my memories of them were retained well into the day.

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Chris T. August 2, 2021

5 stars