bettina E. reviewed Qualia Mind Energy Shot

almost 3 years ago

Remarkable effects

take the qualia shot whever I feel I need a boost whether it is to improve my focus at the beginning o a challenging work day or ahead of a day out skiing or hiking. It is remarkable how it very soon after taking it it imroves my mood and energy, eliminates "mind chatter" while improving focus. It is an extra plus that is is in liquid form (I cannot swallow capsules).

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Polly A. October 13, 2020


great quality products, highly recommend

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Jose L. January 3, 2022

Qualia mind

Works really good for me. I do not have to take as much as it recommends. Will keep buying

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Ramon H. February 6, 2021


On my days off, my morning gym session became more driven. During some sets, instead of 45 second rest periods, I cut them down to 20 second rest periods with no fatigue.

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Dusty S. April 30, 2019

Qualia Energy Review