joda p. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 1 year ago


Just simply revolutionary and amazing after feeling how we should function and operate as human beings. Living everyday life after having our brains work as efficiently and effectively as they really should after becoming nourished and revitalized with the vitamins and minerals our brains have been lacking since probably from the moment of birth. Consuming just one capsule per day should make anyone feel like a super human excelling with whatever their doing as a regular law abiding citizen of the world. Yes, law abiding citizens such as paramedics, doctors, neurosurgeons, rocket scientists, or even navy seals functioning at their absolute best performance.

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Ryan P. February 25, 2020

Very good

Focus and clear head is the goal, and is apparent.

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Jordan N. June 22, 2023

5 stars

Justin P. March 1, 2018

Mind Hacking in the Modern Age

Qualia has truly swung open the doors of my mind wide open--allowing me to not only access deeper areas of my mind-brain, but engendering a variety of positive effects--emotional resilience, presence, focus, multi-tasking, etc.

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Nicholas M. March 20, 2020

Qualia mind, great product, just pricey.

The product is excellent on all levels except the price.

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