John R. reviewed Qualia Mind

8 months ago

Second bottle of Qualia Mind

I've noticed an improvement in my cognitive performance but I don't know if that's because of Qualia to be honest. I'm a Nursing student and I'm constantly studying although it was harder for me to comprehend last semester. This semester seems easier but maybe that's because of Neuroplasticity. I'd like to say that Qualia is helping but I can't confirm for sure. But I'm also gonna keep on taking it for the duration of the semester just in case Qualia Mind is helping LoL. I put four stars because I felt an improvement but unsure whether it's because of Qualia Mind. I also believe in the placebo effect. What I can say is that I have no side effects which is important for me because taking seven capsules on top of my other supplements just put my in the polypharmacy category. I'll keep observing and I'll write another review in the future.

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I've been taking Qualia Mind for nearly 5 years now (starting with the original formula) and can definitely notice my focus and clarity dip a bit when I haven't taken it. There is definitely an edge in terms of energy too that I notice working out on it vs. not. Also, it allows me to sometimes ju...

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July 24, 2021

5 stars

D'Andre L. December 12, 2021

LVL 100 Intelligence

This is probably as close to the Limitless pill as we're going to reasonably and safely get. Without the afternoon "crash." This is everything our Brains need to win everyday.

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Qualia Mind

Qualia mind is a perfect tool to increase human productivity

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