Andrew T. reviewed Qualia Senolytic | Beta Tester

about 1 year ago

Beta Senolytic

Felt a difference. Less pain, easier movement. Improved mood not sure if it is related.

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Zach O. August 15, 2023

Hard To Say...But I'm Intrigued By the Science

I don't know. Based on the science, I'm willing to give it a shot. I have felt some "detox" symptoms when I've taken it, which may or may not be related to the product. I can't afford to take it every month so I expect my results will be milder than most anyway. All the same, I like neurohacker a...

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Harmony H. September 15, 2023

Only one month

I am looking forward to trying it next month. I took it for two days and think I felt more clarity and vitality. I will see after a couple more months.

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Mary E. October 19, 2023

So far feeling great

I’m be only done one month of Qualia Senolytic but I’m already noticing that I feel clearer headed and have a bit more energy. Can’t wait to see what happens next month!

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Christy R. January 23, 2024

More energy, more focus

This is an easy product to take, only a two day commitment and you can take it any time. I feel that since taking it this first month I already have a little more energy and mental clarity. Looking forward to seeing how it works going forward!

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