dan w. reviewed Qualia Senolytic | Beta Tester

almost 2 years ago

senolytic beta test

i didn't really notice any effects.maybe after a few doses good packaging,fast service

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Courtney K. March 27, 2024

So far so good

I literally just took the senolytics so I can’t say if they have an impact or not. Shipping was super fast and customer service was super helpful. Giving it 4 stars because it’s priced incredibly high and not affordable for most people in today’s financial climate.

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Courtney C. June 5, 2022

Another innovation from Qualia

I am always impressed by the quality ingredients and research that go into Qualia’s innovative products. I will have to give this product more time to work before I can properly assess it, but I’m sure it will be another breakthrough.I like that this is a once a month dosage, and I’m interested i...

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Dawn K. November 9, 2023

Stunning results!

I noticed a difference in a scar on my left arm by the end of the first day. What had been rigid and puckered was smoothed out. Additionally noticed a remarkable difference in my scar from cleft lip surgery. It appear softer and my lip looked and more importantly felt more relaxed and not drawn u...

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Leah B. February 24, 2023

Thrilled to find this product!

I’m subscribing to receive once a month (something I never do). Ingredients are well studied, and I’m feeling better and more energetic over the past 2 weeks since taking.

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