J. S. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

almost 2 years ago

Service and producet

Very responsive. Product is excellent so far.

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Mark S. June 27, 2020

Focus with out the normal caffeine rush

Over the years ( I've been around a while) many products claim to be able to increase mental clarity and focus. For me that usually means I get too "Amped Up" and after a short while I am done with the product. Started Qualia Mind Caffeine Free with an open mind based on a recommendation from my...

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Luis V. October 19, 2022

5 stars

James H. July 6, 2023


It is what it is

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Kathleen P. October 27, 2023

The only nootropic that works for me

Five years ffter being diagnosed with lupus, I began experiencing symptoms of brain fog. Given the nature of my work, where I am entrusted with the care of others, a sharp memory is crucial. During my board exam preparation, I tried Qualia Mind and fortunately, I didn't encounter any adverse effe...

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