Jesse R. reviewed Qualia Night

3 months ago

Sleep tight

I have been on a quest for better sleep for a very long time. I have tried several “hacks”, supplements, and activities. They certainly did improve but nothing as noticeable as the Qualia Night. Using my Oura ring, Biostrap and whoop device i was able to see noticeable improvements in deep and Rem sleep. Certainly worth taking!

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Heather D. March 19, 2020

Deep sleep improvement

I really appreciated how the product improved my deep sleep. Whereas generally I get a small amount of deep sleep right after going to bed on this product I found longer periods of deep sleep spread throughout the night. It also seemed to help with getting back to sleep easier when I would w...

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Eve C. October 5, 2020

Not for me

Not work in my body. thanks

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Alana M. September 21, 2020

Qualia Night

I've suffered with insomnia for over 10 years and Qualia Night worked from the 1st night I took it! I could actually feel my body shutting down for the day, like it's supposed to. The app I use to track my sleep even shows long stretches of deep sleep as compared to the very light and severed sl...

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Giedrius R. March 24, 2020

The sleep hacking pill without drowsiness.

I knew that sleep and rest were important for my performance so I've tried using melatonin a few months ago to improve my sleep quality but that would make me drowsy and lethargic in the morning with a clouded mind. When I've tried Neurohacker Collective's new Rejuvenate product, I could feel th...

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