Mike F. reviewed Qualia NAD+

12 days ago

So far I love it

Still early on, only about 1/3 of the bottle I’ve used. I really like it though. I usually like coffee in the morning, and like to have something with a little caffeine in the afternoon. Since day 1 I have not wanted to have that afternoon boost. We’ll see with time if this will last but so far I love it.

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Hana M. May 13, 2024

Excellent product

Very effective product, I felt the difference from the first day. I took this product with Qualia Synolytic. Improved Digestion, energy level and better sleep. Thank you

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Lisa B. April 5, 2024


I chose this product after reviewing multiple brands. No other product seems to have the formulation put together as well as this one. I’m excited to ditch various other mediocre vitamins, and replace it with this combined product for optimized aging!

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Mary J. January 11, 2024

Great product!

I really feel better and more energized with this product.

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Earl B. March 18, 2024

Actually made me look and feel younger

Honestly, after taking it 25 days or so I was about to cancel because I noticed absolutely NOTHING. I forgot to cancel and my second bottl cam in. I was mad. I cancelled that day. then a few days later I was at a party. Feeling great. And several people who hadn't seen me in a long time were comm...

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