Andrew K.
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So far very pleased...


2019-06-15 16:57:38 UTC

I switched to Eternus after taking Quailia Mind for three months (stopped taking Qualia as I felt it wasn't helping, I must be one of the very few) After one week I noticed an improvement in general well being and energy levels. My usual mid-afternoon fatigue is practically non-existent. I was recently in an intense rope rescue training course. I noticed that during the day, especially as the week went on, that my team members (who are much younger than I) where complaining about how tired and sore they where... that is when I realized I felt perfectly fine even at the end of the day. I do completely attribute this to Eternus. One issue I have is that the auto-ship for Eternus didn't go out in time for the bottle to reach me here in Canada. I had no issues with Qualia auto-ship. So I have been one week without taking Eternus and can feel my energy levels dropping again... hope it comes soon and this delay is just an uncontrollable glitch. Other then this one point I whole heartedly

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John S.
2019-05-23 01:02:09 UTC
So far, so good

<p>I am three weeks into taking Eternus per schedule. I do perceive an increase in sustained physical energy and an increase in cognitive function. Best of all Eternus has helped with sleep duration. At 72 years of age, my sleep time was...Read more.

James Patrick C.
2018-10-01 17:33:11 UTC

Great!! Subtle but discernible difference in energy level and focus in afternoon (what is normally a slump time) and then more energy during a workout!

Cristina L.
2019-05-30 22:02:19 UTC
This is magical

<p>I thought that I would never lose my sexual drive. Not me. Then one day, I began having issues. My mind would wonder &amp; I’d lose interest during the act. And worse yet, I finally met the man of my dreams. My soulmate. Long story sh...Read more.

Julia R.
2018-10-02 00:13:02 UTC

I have more motivation, more energy, clarity, enthusiasm, resources mentally and physically.