Caine A. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

almost 2 years ago

Some days are better than others.

When I first started taking this I noticed an immediate difference day one. More aware and focused for sure. Now I am only taking Qualia about 3 days a week and its spread out. One day on maybe 2 days off. After the first week, I felt I am not getting the same result. I take this in the morning at breakfast time and I still feel focused and alert however I feel like I crash around 6pm.

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Adam W. September 27, 2017

Solid, data-driven formula

Qualia gives you a number of battle-proven, high-quality nootropics and doesn’t skimp on dosages. My only complaint is the high price, but its wide range of ingredients and generous dosages makes the high price point easier to swallow.

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Bruce K. September 28, 2017



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Sam B. December 7, 2017

Haven't used much yet

I frequently have trouble sleeping and am too busy with assignments to be active, both of which would cause Qualia to not be very effective, so I have not used it much. When I have, I notice I have much more energy to go do stuff and have fun and more drive to get important things done. I feel li...

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K B. October 17, 2017

So far we like it!

Hubby and I have been on it about two weeks. We definitely notice improved recall ability. Plan to continue.

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