Will B. reviewed Qualia Immune

12 months ago

Strengthen you Immune system with a powerful product

Took for a week and felt strong and energized.

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Michael D. January 27, 2021

1 week immune trial

This product works great, I think. Nothing much of a noticable effect, however my wife and friends are sick and I'm not so I'm going to take that as a win

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Doreen N. January 28, 2021


Taking this for five days, I found this alternative way of taking supplement to be more efficient than how I usually take them. I take all the ingredients provided, in individual capsules. So it is quite nice to have them all in here. I think the only bummer was the lack of Vitamin C, Lion’s Mane...

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Heather B. January 22, 2021


So far so good! Feel energized and have been less congested. Also seems to balance out my mood throughout the day.

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Michael S. January 31, 2021

5 Day Test

It took a few days to notice any effects; however even though it’s an immune product I did notice on the 4th and 5th days of taking I had a bit more focus through out my day. I am currently taking Qualia Night and on the nights taken together I was averaging nearly 2hrs of deep sleep and 2 1/3hrs...

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