Devon S. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 4 years ago

Superb product!

I’d highly recommend for anyone that works a job that requires a good level of concentration. Or during a time where you have to be switched on I.e meetings, brain storming. It gives you a calm focus. Pros Improves motivation Mental cognition Faster recall Sentences flow better - less stuttering. Cons Contains caffeine, so don’t drink too much coffee with it, if any. Can feel drained if you take it too many days in a row because it increases your drive to learn etc. Relatively expensive, however neurohacker tend to run discounts and deal regularly. Effect wears off if you don’t take breaks. If you’re someone looking for a boost in work performance or want to get out of a mental rut - this is for you!

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William B. October 5, 2023

As advertised

One month in and satisfied. No complaints. Noticeable difference albeit hard to describe, more productive and focused.

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