Nenatechae M. reviewed Qualia Immune

12 months ago

Surprising immediate action

It took me awhile to get the product, the first bottle had a broken seal upon arrival, but I got a second in soon and started taking it. It's only been a bit since I have been able to take it and experience it, but so far I've notice one thing, eating fast food left me with heart burn throughout the day to a point where I had dropped it completely, but on a busy day I had gotten a burger and ate it before returning to work. For the rest of the day, I had no issue.. the heat was there, but it no longer burned as bad as it once had before. I'm excited to continue the test till I take the last one. Hesitation gone from taking something I never once did before.

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Michael G. January 23, 2021

Great Product!!

This is a Great Product. I would highly Recommend

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BRAD F. January 30, 2021


I noticed at work I just felt healthier than normal and had energy stores that lasted all day. Just a profound sense of well-being.

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Rachel B. February 7, 2021

Ready to tackle my day.

I honestly feel better than usual. I've tried a lot of "immunity" products in the past- and to be honest most of them never really made me feel any different. This product is different though. I literally feel a lot better in my day to day life.

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Michael C. January 29, 2021

Great way to help your body's immune system to achieve it's full potential

5-day trial is not a sufficient amount of time for an in-depth evaluation. That being said, I didn't get ill from the product nor while taking the product. In reviewing the website, I believe that it contains a sufficient amount of quality ingredients to build one's immune system. I only wish tha...

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