Eli B. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

over 1 year ago

Sustained focus, no jitters.

I didn’t find an immediate difference in my ability to focus, but I did find that I was able to stay on the same level of focus much later in the day.

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Sherry L. February 6, 2020

Reiki and intuitive bodywork provider

Quality ingredients you can feel!

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Mia M. January 23, 2021

Honestly, I feel it's a bit too soon in the study term to provide a strong opinion one way or the other. I have not had any negative effects, but not sure there have been anything specifically positive either (yet :) ). This is the reasoning for my "middle of the road" rating, so far.

It's early on, so the verdict is out...

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William G. November 27, 2019

Great, but I would prefer a no caffeine version.

Good for improving focus, but messes with my blood sugar regulation. I think that is mostly the caffeine.

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shiraz w. December 6, 2021


Quality is indeed one of the best Investments

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