Tanya N. reviewed Qualia Night

over 3 years ago

Takes a few weeks for it to start working

Been taking Qualia night for about two weeks now with the two day break after the first five days. Have been having a challenging time falling asleep due to an overthinking mind throughout the night and lot's of waking up in the middle of the night. Upon starting the Qualia night regimen, I found that it took about a week for my body to acclimate and create a disciplined nightly routine for winding down at the end of the day. There is a subtle wave of tiredness about 2 hours after taking the pills that if taken advantage of one could go right to bed and fall asleep without a hassle. Dreams are more vivid and consistent than usual. Around the second week, I started noticing feeling less groggy and refreshed to start the day early. It usually takes me a while to get out of bed, but after 10 nights on Qualia night, I was ready to get up and going without much thought. Highly recommend this product and give it time for your body to acclimate and get into a routine.

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Matt H. August 23, 2020

It Doesn't NOT Work...

Full disclosure, I already sleep good (huge fan of Eternus). Took me several years to dial it all in. However, what I wanted out of this product was an increase to HRV. I never saw an increase to HRV. With that said, HRV IMO is far more complex than a supplement. While HRV is obviously a good bio...

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david m. July 28, 2021

5 stars