nathonn c. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

about 1 month ago


The effort to research everything. I'd done an amount of it myself and I'm so glad there was a collective effort towards putting something together and sharing something beautiful. Thankyou thankyou, I'd be happy to share and join in on r and d. So amazing

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Justin D. September 30, 2020

Great product for the market to notice the effectiveness of nootropics

Overall had better focus, duration was better than normal but not substantial. Great overall stack formulation, close to the stack I developed for myself but the difference could’ve been chalked up to me splitting my dose in two and taken at different times in the day and this study requested the...

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Tracy S. March 9, 2019

First Week Completion

I’ve settled on 5 capsules per dose, after scaling back to 4 on the second and third days. Each day, I felt a little better than the previous days, although a little spacey and revved up a few minutes after taking the capsules. I’ve had two days off, and today I started again. I feel better than ...

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Christopher H. November 27, 2019

I take half doses, to prevent the caffeine withdrawal

your website sucks. I've been trying to enter this review for 5 mins, but it keeps giving a page error.

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Samuel H. September 4, 2018


Noticeable cognitive effects - increased job performance

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