Elizabeth K. reviewed Qualia Immune

9 months ago

The body knows!

On two occasions when I found myself feeling a bit low, a bit under the weather, I found my system craved this product. I took it right away. I realized later those days that I had been feeling poorly in the morning, and instead of feeling weak or dragging I was feeling strong again, and in my power!

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Angelica C. January 31, 2021

On the right path

Love the ingredients, my inly comment is that the dose are too many pills per day

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Miguel C. January 30, 2021

Best sleep product too!!

Immune has helped me sleep better! I feel great!

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molli m. January 27, 2021

You HAVE to try this product!

So far, I feel fantastic. The one weird/great thing I have noticed that I did not expect: my skin looks 10 years younger!!

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Ryan R. January 30, 2021

Qualia Immune Review- Ryan Rzigalinski

Although the product did not have a very noticeable effect I did feel as if I was slightly more focused after taking it. The ingredients in this supplement are of the highest quality and I would consider buying a larger bottle soon.

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