Blanc W. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

almost 6 years ago

The Effects Are Subtle

The noticeable physical effect when taking Qualia is that I don’t feel anything in particular - it’s more an absence of feeling that I need a nap in the afternoon. Otherwise it seems that my sense of time is such that the number of tasks to do don’t seem as formidable; it is as though I have extra time - more space of time - in which to accomplish them. I’m experimenting a bit with the number of capsules I take, and so far I can’t distinguish between more/less. I’m also doing research on the ingredients and what they’re for, as I only want to give my system what it really needs and no unnecessary excesses. There are other ways, like the Win Hoff method, to assist one's wakefulness and focus, so I'm also comparing those to taking nootropics.

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John S. December 20, 2017

year long user

Qualia works-quality people behind the product.

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Yevette V. September 11, 2017


LOVE MY QUALIA!!! It delivers everything it promises and more.

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Joshua T. October 17, 2017

Good product, all around

I gave it 4 stars bc the initial start was a little unpleasant: headache, stomach discomfort. Then I realized I needed to drink more water AND more coffee! Mentally, it lifts the proverbial fog and keeps one on point with a veritable calm throughout the day.

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Justin L. November 29, 2017



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