Sam M. reviewed Qualia Focus

7 months ago

The focus is rea

Grateful for this product. Finally something to help me get work done !

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Carlisia T. May 4, 2021

Felt great

Seemed to be more focused.

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Jennifer F. April 10, 2023

Happy with the results, not as happy with the cost

I loved the effect that Qualia Focus had, but am hesitant to become reliant on something I have to take every single day. It's a little too expensive to become a regular habit, and believe me, I'm frugal in many other ways, so it's not like I can cut something else to fit this into my budget. Wh...

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John C. November 25, 2021

Thank you for hard work

I feel that overall this is a very good product. I think it will help a lot of people. I think there is a compound that does not agree with me.

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Edward H. February 11, 2022

Helped my focus, just what i was looking for!

I'd been taking Mind Essential, but found Focus somewhat better on my stomach and seemed to give me more focus, just what I was looking for! Other factors like sleep and schedule come into play, but overall my experience was good. I might well keeping taking and recommend anyone needing better fo...

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