Jonathan U. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

15 days ago

The most important part of my wellness routine

My whole adult life has been a constant struggle to stay productive and focused. I used to have "good days and bad days," seemingly without any control over whether each day would be a productive one or not. Enter the Qualia Mind family of products. Taking these things essentially guarantees that my day is going to be more focused, serene, and productive. I feel like I have more mental energy to stick with difficult tasks, I find it easier to remember what I need to say on work calls, and it's easier to get in the zone and produce. I initially started on Qualia Mind, but switched to Qualia Mind Essentials because the duty coming to Canada was breaking the bank. I feel the same mental boost every day, and it's way more affordable for Canadians... and I've converted friends and family to taking it, too. I'll be preaching about Neurohacker's formulas for years to come.

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Steve L. September 13, 2019

Please send more

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John m. December 16, 2019

Goverment Employee

Great product, would recommend to friends and family.

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Christina S. April 16, 2021


By far the best nootropic I’ve ever tried. Instant lazer focus and energy. Bravo!

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Arthur S. January 27, 2021

Excellent! Gives me the clean clarity that I need to operate at a high level with no crash hours later


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