Diana R. reviewed Qualia Resilience | Beta Tester

5 months ago

The name says it all!

Love love this product. I’ve felt way less reactive to stressful situations. People even comment on how much more calm I’ve been acting!

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Derek C. July 14, 2022


Love the product. Felt more relaxed during the day and took some doses at night to help with sleep.

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Joey . July 26, 2022

Feeling more resilient

Love the science behind these capsules. Noticed slight improvement to motivation and reduced worrying thoughts.

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sam b. July 13, 2022


Didn't notice any major difference yet with stress but energy is up

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Daniel F. July 23, 2022

Two Week Progress

After two weeks of taking the product (5 days on 2 days off) I feel more cal. I still feel stress but I can cope better with it.

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