Nichelle C. reviewed Qualia Senolytic | Beta Tester

2 months ago

The realms of reality

Oh wow Oh fuck Oh absolute gloriousness And ultimate gorgeosity I feel like a white healing ball Of damnable exfuckingsty Thanks so much for letting me participate I am beyond grateful to be part of the greatest company on the planet in my opinion👺⚰️☠️🌚🖤🐋🎠⌛️What I liked? Well there’s isn’t anything to speak of that I didn’t like It was all placed sent packaged and presented just perfect

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Derek C. June 6, 2022

Give it a try

May have felt a little drowsiness with this product. Felt a little better in my knees. Overall, would try again. Only having to take for 2 consecutive days is nice. It is 6 pills at a time though which is a small downfall.

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Randi M. June 3, 2022

My overall well-being felt better than normal.

I felt like I had more energy and my body overall felt better than usual. I deal with eczema and swelling in my hands and after taking the dose my hands felt lighter.I like all the packaging from all the products from Qualia. It’s professional and nice packaging. I appreciate all the science and ...

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Sage H. June 1, 2022


All I can say is “wow!” Amazing product.Thank you!

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C L. June 9, 2022


Although I do not necessary feel or see any explicit difference after a single dose, I am excited about the promising research behind Senolytic to support healthy aging. NHC consistently provides high quality supplements backed by thorough research and science.

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