eric k.
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The results were not what I desired, but I could see how it could be useful.


Qualia Mind Caffeine Free
2019-07-07 23:21:43 UTC

At first, I apparently wasn't getting proper sleep so I got that in check. I would consider myself active on an average rate and my diet I would say, is pretty nutritiously balanced. After a couple weeks of taking seven capsules every morning, I found myself feeling too hyper-focused on specific tasks at work. I also felt I couldn't formulate speech and even had a feeling of vertigo at one point. I toned down the daily amount to about three every morning for the following week, but really felt like my "old self". Attempted at five for half of the following week but really just gave it up. Not sure if it's some sort of placebo effect, but I guess this really isn't suited for me...

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