Alexander G. reviewed Qualia Mind

29 days ago

THIS STUFF WORKS; a realistic review.

Using Qualia mind has been a truly interesting experience over this first month. I'm going to put in this review some of my initial reactions, as well as some of the minor drawbacks I have noticed, and how I have coped with them. I would like to start by saying that I have come to a place where I take Qualia mind two days on, one day off, and I take between five and six capsules per dose. Also, I do not take it in conjunction with anything else, no drugs, no added caffeine, no alcohol. First, the positives: increased energy, increased focus, increased motivation, decreased procrastination, elevated mood, greater ease of conversing with others, and increased intellectual bandwidth. I have definitely noticed the intellectual enhancements attributed to qualia, I have thoroughly enjoyed these effects. I work as an actor, and writer. I now memorize lines in about half the time, and when I am doing research for my writing projects, my processing and retention has seen a marked improvement. When I take qualia, my mood is significantly elevated for the day, without any crash afterwards. I find that there is a decrease in social anxiety, and I have a greater capacity for understanding my own emotional state, and responding accordingly. The neutrals: Deep, deep sleep, highly vivid dreams, and what I am referring to as time dilation. The sleep is great, I get super tired at night after taking qualia, and fall almost instantly into an extremely deep sleep. The reason I put this in the neutral category is because sometimes the sleep is too deep, meaning I feel groggy and its difficult to wake up the next morning. The dreams are vivid, which can be good or bad, depending on what your dreams are like. I had one very interesting dream in which I was eating what looked like a mixture of gooseberries and small leaves. Only after doing some research did I realize that in my dream what I was eating was Celastrus paniculatus, and what I think might have been Huperzia serrata leaves, which are two of the active components of Qualia. So that was weird, I have heard that amazonian tribsemefnbers claim that when under the influence of ayahuasca, they are shown visions of the properties and effects of various other jungle flora, I wonder if the plants themselves are able to somehow show their form through dreams to those who take them. Anyway, the dreams are vivid and full of valuable content if you're into dream interpretation (careful, you may not like what you see!) Finally, I have listed time dilation, it's not like time dilation that happens when you take drugs, its more just the feeling at the end of the day that I had a really long and productive day. My day doesn't seem to just 'fly by' like normal, instead it feels comfortable drawn out, and I always feel like I got a lot done. Finally: the negatives: Constipation, and what I am calling psychic tension. First, constipation is real, this is not a problem that I generally have, but whenever I take Qualia, nothing comes out. I have had to dramatically increase my daily fiber intake in order to feel regular on the days I take Qualia, particularly if I take it more than two days in a row; for this reason, I have modified the suggested days and dosages, I have been taking five to six capsules, instead of the recommended seven, two days in a row, and then taking one day off, which works out to taking two days off a week, as recommended. on my days off, I make sure to drink caffeine, my go to is Yerba mate, and eat a good helping of fruit to get things moving again. The psychic tension of which I speak is minor, and it mainly happens if I exceed two days in a row, but its just a general feeling of mental tension, like I have been studying for a test for two days. Its not really fatigue or pain, it just sort of feels like my mind is a guitar string that has been wound too tight. this goes away after a day off. All in all, Qualia has greatly improved my daily life, and I look forward to continue to take it and experience its effects. I really support what Neurohacker is doing, and im excited to see where they go in the future. Thanks!

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