Mike R. reviewed Qualia Mind Energy Shot

about 3 years ago

Thumbs up

Very good results for energy and attention without any jittery side effects.

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jonathan r. May 4, 2019

Energy Shot Review


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Alex M. February 8, 2021

Solid energy

Solid energy and alertness without any jitters. Have taken 3 servings so far and have had a very positive outcome each time.

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Sam R. March 21, 2023

Fantastic Mind Booster and Enhancer

Qualia Mind (w/ caffeine) is a fantastic product that really provides focus and clarity w/o jitters or comedown.

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Benjamin A. May 4, 2019

Ben's review of Qualia Energy

I think it’s comparable to Qualia Mind. I felt somewhat more motivated and positive early in the day compared with Qualia Mind, but generally felt about the same (which is still excellent).

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