Mikel H. reviewed Qualia Immune

10 months ago


I don't notice any considerable positive effect

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Jim S. January 30, 2021

Jim Schull's 5-Day experience and review of the Immune support product.

Sleeping more consistant during the night, and not waking up as much. Then waking up with more energy and less noticible fatigue, runny nose, sore eyes, and body aches. Not sure if 5 days is long enough to get a good read on the product. However, it is having some immediate and positive effects.

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Karen D. January 30, 2021

Great stuff - always a little room for possible improvement

Overall this is great stuff! I noticed a bit more natural energy, and recovery time post-exercise decreased! Only ingredients that could make this a true powerhouse is to add in Omega-3, turmeric, possibly chaga. Keep up the great work on your products NeuroHacker!!

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Daniel F. January 30, 2021

Amazing Ingredients!

I think the formula of Qualia Inmune is amazing. I did their trial for one week and although I felt that you need more time to really see the benefits and effects, I did feel a bit more energized and focused through then day.

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Nenatechae M. February 2, 2021

Surprising immediate action

It took me awhile to get the product, the first bottle had a broken seal upon arrival, but I got a second in soon and started taking it. It's only been a bit since I have been able to take it and experience it, but so far I've notice one thing, eating fast food left me with heart burn throughout ...

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