Ryan D. reviewed Qualia Life

almost 2 years ago

Too expensive for too little difference

This product may work well for some but I switched to this after taking a different NAD supplement for two years that was far less expensive and I noticed no difference with the Neurohacker formula versus the other. I found some success with some of the qualia mind products but given the overall prices of these it’s just not sustainable for the common person to keep buying them monthly... Especially if you have really serious brain injuries and need to indulge in a host of other supplements as I do. I wish that Neurohacker would figure out how to lower their prices of these products so they could be more available to the common person and not just the super wealthy. This is seemingly one of the biggest problems in our society, the best/healthiest stuff is always the most expensive so something had to get cut from our healthy agenda and, unfortunately, Neurohacker products have been too expensive with too few results to pay over $300 per month for my wife and I. I will look forward to coming back to the Neurohacker family should prices ever drop.

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Ami S. October 27, 2021

Qualia Life is a marvel

I’m an athletic mature woman and have noticed reduced energy as the years press on. With Qualia Life I am finding increased energy to move through my day. Not just muscle through it but rather engaged with life. It’s a marvel!

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Dr. Richard P. June 4, 2020

Eternus makes a lot of sense and will help without harm

After carefully and thoughtfully reading through the extensive 20+ page document authored by Dr. Greg Kelly on Eternus, i.e., the logic behind its creation, it made complete sense to put this product in my body. I am 62, feel, and function well, and am committed to doing anything I can to remain ...

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Judy M. January 17, 2021

My five day test

I did not feel any difference at all.

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David C. September 28, 2020

Eternus review

I felt similarities between this and Qualia Mind. Mental acuity and clarity.

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