John Stephen T. reviewed Qualia Senolytic | Beta Tester

almost 2 years ago

Too soon to tell

Did not really notice any effect yet.The service to try it is great, the packaging is very nice and the science is very well researched. Perhaps continued use would demonstrate its effects better.

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Benjamin R. February 2, 2024

Fountain of youth

Amazing products and results

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Janice L. September 9, 2023

Import duties

Was wondering why Spermidine is not in the mix? Dosing the first two days of each month/ see what happens

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breeze k. July 3, 2023

great product

Great product

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Lilia H. May 2, 2023

Gracefully Growing Younger

I'm very intrigued in the science of Qualia Senolytic. For my first dose I can feel a slight positive difference in the tightness of my neck and other joints. I'm so looking forward to continuing Qualia Senolytic and benefiting a better quality of life both mentally and physically.

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