Andress A. reviewed Qualia Vision | Beta Tester

over 1 year ago

Too soon to tell

Nothing negative to say. Too soon to notice any results

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Mikel H. June 12, 2021


Definitely helped my vision

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Isaac R. July 12, 2021

5 stars

Doug W. July 5, 2021

Using this product was a surprise in a very good way

I took this product with the hope of helping my eyes recover from cataract surgery. It did help some but not as much as I hoped. The real benefit was in the stress on my eyes while working on the computer. There was a very definitive difference. I recommend this product for that benefit alone, a...

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James P. August 24, 2021

Vision study

I noticed a definite increase in being able to focus for long periods of time on the tasks at hand. Experienced more energy during the day and had no problem sleeping at night. Looking forward to the next few weeks to see if the benefits continue to increase.

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