Bill D. reviewed Qualia Immune

10 months ago

Tough to tell

I took as the instructions said but it’s really hard to notice anything during 5 days with this type of product.

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Brandon K. June 17, 2020

Good product for overall health

Overall, I felt good. I saw some mood swings during week 2-3, but I felt pretty good overall. During the course of the beta, I felt one time where I felt a cough coming on, but it subsided within a few hours. I felt a decent amount of energy, but it would be difficult to day that’s front his. To ...

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Stephanie P. June 22, 2020

Not bad, not great

Generally good. Felt fine while taking it. I didn’t notice any significant changes as to sleep or energy. Definitely did not become ill, which is the point. I have a temperamental stomach, which this product softened my stools a bit, which was more annoying than problematic.

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Joshua B. January 30, 2021

A solid immune protocol

The danger of a company having a product that is so good nearly everyone can tell is that it puts a lot on every product developed after. Taking Qualia Immune, I felt like I was swapping some supplementation I had used in the past, but there didn't appear to be a game-changing effect. This produc...

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Justin W. February 19, 2021


As of around 3 weeks ive experienced noice increase in attention energy levels , will let you know more once I recieve and use second bottle

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