Kelly L.
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Truly amazing!


Qualia Mind
2018-09-26 14:13:13 UTC

I am 52 years old which though I feel physically young I started noticing I was grabbing for words, you know when you can see the word just hanging off in the distance but you can't grasp it? I was honestly starting to get worried that I was "getting old" which isn't an option! I was also at a point where I really wanted to open up to the world, be more, understand more, give more. I found Qualia Mind on a website, not an ad but a personal endorsement so I checked it out and ordered. I didn't know what to expect so for the first couple of days kept wondering what it was supposed to do. It was only after a couple of weeks that I suddenly realized I wasn't losing my words. In fact, I felt incredibly articulate, I processed concepts more fully and found my ability to concentrate better (squirrel!) My thoughts were ordered, not jumbled, my processes more fluid, like thoughts flow instead of getting stuck on each other like bad platelets! Though I had been working on controlling my emotions (nothing bad, just less ups and downs as far as frustration or dealing with other people's stupidity lol, drivers!!) I realized in a situation that would normally get my heart racing and blood pressure up I was calm, was able to keep it together to get my point across or deal with the situation in a way that I was able to look back on and feel good about-we all know when dealing with companies, large entities things rarely go your way or go nicely. I feel like a sponge instead of a sieve retaining, assimilating and using more fully what I am taking in. I started taking Qualia Mind at the beginning of a new career path and truly feel I wouldn't be this able to take in and use the information I'm learning to help my clients if I wasn't taking Qualia Mind. A side note: I am a smoker and though I only smoked a few a day and used a vape I find that urge is more of an afterthought now. I feel my brain is now helping me instead of working against me. Highly recommend Qualia Mind! I'm excited to see what the next year brings if I have been able to accomplish as much as I have in such a short time.

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Mario M.
2018-09-17 15:25:50 UTC
Qualia Mind

Excellent Product! Highly Recommended! Highly focused!

Kenneth A.
2018-09-06 12:43:02 UTC

Similar to the original for me. Sleepy tired mentally but slightly quicker in thought. Less seemed more in that 1 or 2 had clearer thought and less sleepiness.

Jose M.
2018-08-18 17:59:18 UTC
It works!

I have used the Qualia Mind product for one week and it feels like my concentration and desire to work is improving. I gave it a rating of four because I am concerned about the suggestion of not using the product if you have high bp wi...Read more.

Pamela S.
2018-06-09 10:56:56 UTC
Brain doesn't "die" at 8 hours any more.

Working a 12-hour hospital shift is daunting but I have no choice. Qualia Mind allows me to still feel focused after 8 hours.

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