corinne h. reviewed Qualia Life

12 months ago

Truly living-not surviving

Eternal is the missing link for me. I have been struggling with low energy for a while and this product addresses the underlying mitochondrial deficiencies. From the first day, I had sustained energy, mental focus, and uplifted mood. I noticed I did not have my usual daily crash and I was able to get more done. I noticed that I just felt like "AHHH, this is what living instead of surviving feels like". thank you so much

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Aaron P. December 15, 2021

4 stars

Werner M. June 4, 2019

this is a great product ..not cheap but what at what price is your health not important

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October 8, 2021

5 stars

Mac C. February 8, 2020

Clean Energy

This product feeds the body in a way that left me feeling like energy was on-tap but not overwhelming. I have ordered it for a second month.

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