Daniel W. reviewed Qualia Life

over 1 year ago

Underwhelmed and Bloated

It's hard to say if this product improved me in any way. While I'm not looking for an obvious energy boost or anything else (like Qualia Mind may provide), I was hoping for some sort of noticeable improvement to my sense of wellbeing, etc. The primary thing I felt was bloating. I consumed at least 6 20-oz waters each day while taking it, but I still retained water. I realize that the product includes some creatine--and that creatine can cause water retention--but the discomfort for not welcome to me or at all balanced by any other positive notes. I'm assuming that Neurohacker Collective knows more about what this product is doing to my body than I do, and I trust that judgment. But I honestly am not interested in continuing a product that makes my face swell and my pants fit tighter. That alone makes me feel "less than" I would otherwise, which is the opposite of this company's mission.

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Manuel C. March 15, 2020


Definitely helping day by day manage my stress and I feel it working. Great energy through day. Only been taking it a month now, just waiting on my second bottle, which I understand it takes up to 2 or so months for full cell regeneration to show. Thank you guys. Great product.

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Mary F. August 12, 2020

Another great product!

The effects are subtle at first, but as my first month went on I experienced an increase in calmness, ease of falling asleep, and mental clarity. This is another amazing product by Neurohacker Collective!

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Edward C. September 25, 2020


I find Qualia Life to be outstanding. All the major areas of living have improved. This cannot be emphasized enough!

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Ann H. January 13, 2021

Wish I didn't get headaches.

Day 1-2, excellent, 5 star. Energy and focus, even though I drank (not in excess) and stayed up too late- so that's an excellent start. Day 3, slight headache, couldn't figure out why (I am not prone to headaches) Day 4, dull to moderate headache all day, worse at night. Remembered that I had ...

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