Alejandro S. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 1 year ago

Updated review

Definitely worth the price, I was using this awhile back while on some medications prescribed by my Dr. Which was degrading the absorption of the key nutrients inside Qualia mind and overall degrading the effects as well. Now that I’ve been released from using the medication prescribed by my doctor. I can definitely say this stuff works amazingly well. Disclaimer: always consult with your medical practitioner before starting any supplements or health changes to your particular lifestyle.

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Phoebe N. August 3, 2022

5 stars

Nicholas M. March 20, 2020

Qualia mind, great product, just pricey.

The product is excellent on all levels except the price.

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Samuel S. September 9, 2023

Just, Wow

Whenever I take Qualia, I feel more in tune with my body. Things I need to do become easy with less resistance. I feel I’m one step closer to breaking out of the sim.

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Derek July 20, 2021

5 stars