Imtiaz R. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 1 year ago

Very disappointing

Only thing this project did for me is put me to sleep. Would not recommend this to anyone.

Neurohacker Collective
We are sorry to hear our Qualia Mind formula did not work out for your biochemistry. Our customer support team has reached out to you and refunded you for the order. Typically, the biggest issue that will prevent you from feeling the full effects of Qualia is sleep. Qualia works along the same pathways in the brain that move your memories from short to long-term storage when you sleep. If you are not getting enough sleep or the right kinds of sleep then those pathways are unavailable and you will not feel Qualia working. Additional things that can make it less effective: not enough healthy fats in your diet, caffeine desensitization, too small a dose, not drinking enough water, cannabis or alcohol use, desensitization from other past stimulants or psychotropic drugs or meds.

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Muriel E. June 9, 2019

Started out with just a few a day and then up to 7 in morning. Starting second week I really notice the lapses in memory and recall time are starting to disappear. I'm very impressed with this product and will certainly continue taking it. I take the Qualia Mind Caffeine Free product and the clar...

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Jeremy M. October 29, 2022

5 stars

Charles M. December 4, 2022

Game Changer

Finally, i have made my expsensive rounds and finally a product that is worth the money. i seriously want to not only give props to the company but make it clear this is not a fake review, i have felt a noticable difference and overall improvement since i have started taking this, i am using a fe...

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Andris R. April 29, 2021


Don’t feel any difference besides burping and bad smell. Started as suggested 7 pills in the morning first week. Felt nothing! Next week took 8 with same result. Now taking 10 pills in the morning on empty stomach and feel no difference. Way too expensive to experiment more

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