jamie u. reviewed Qualia Mind

12 months ago

Very effective

These little guys are serious business. I feel like I can do a lot while on these to the extent I was finding scuffs on my walls and removing them with fervor during my work breaks. It can be a bit intense if you’re sensitive to stimulants but if you enjoy being high you will love it :) The serving size in the first bottle was 2 and my second bottle the serving size was 8 pill serving size which seemed a strange change. But this will help me temper my dose so I don’t explode in enthusiasm

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Douglyss G. December 4, 2023

Just Wow

I was skeptical that a pill could really have such an impact, but wow! I have been using Qualia Mind now for over 2 years and continue to be so happy with the product. It enables me to focus, think deep, and perform at my best.

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Audrey G. September 14, 2022


Smooth and clean energy await anyone who tries this formula. What a wonderful system for getting hard to find things into my diet. Thanks quaila.

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tolga . December 1, 2020


I really love the product but now I started get severe headaches! I would like to know is that a common symptom? Have a good week

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Shawnee K. March 28, 2023

Amazing neuritropic

I feel the quality of this neurotropic is higher than a lot of the other ones on the market and I Fill the effects even when I take a smaller dose which is nice To Spread out the product a little bit longer. But even if I Take the full suggested amount amount I don't Feel any negative adv...

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