Kelly T. reviewed Qualia Night | Beta Tester

about 1 month ago

Very useful when try to sleep

I took the capsules every night for 4 nights around 7 or 8pm with the hopes of being asleep around 11PM. I find it very difficult to fall asleep most night and I feel like I was able to fall asleep with less issues while use this. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that has trouble falling asleep. I did have to adjust to waking up however, I found I did have a harder time waking up at 8am.

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Paul F. July 8, 2020

Product Improves Sleep, Has No Negative Side Effects

The first morning I awoke after beginning the product, I felt a certain heaviness or sluggishness, but this phenomenon disappeared after the first day. Previous to taking the product, I had a tendency to sleep in "spurts" and I would awaken around 3 a.m. before eventually falling back asleep. Wh...

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Dylan M. July 9, 2020

Subtle difference

Not a huge difference in sleep, less rem about the same deep. A little better restfulness

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Jeff G. August 11, 2020

Not sure

So far I can't say that I am seeing any real changes since starting to take this.

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Maja Apolonia R. July 11, 2020

Short trial — can’t tell what effect it had

I used Qualia Night for 5 days and I feel a sense that it was good for my general well being, but I didn’t notice any particular effects, including reviewing data from my Oura ring. I might try a full bottle in the future to see what happens over time.

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