Michele L. reviewed Qualia Senolytic | Beta Tester

almost 2 years ago

We’ll researched!

The ingredients are seemingly well researched and backed by science. Concerned a bit by the addition of soy but otherwise, quite happy with the blend and the dosing.Great packaging and logo and design. We’ll researched and studied ingredients. Cutting edge and next level!

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Leigh F. April 29, 2023

I feel more like myself again

I was a bit skeptical at first and don’t really know what to expect but I do notice a big change in my overall energy and clarity of mind. I feel like I have the mental energy to get up and do things again. It has only been two months so I feel like I’m still testing it out but so far I’m happy a...

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Lorene S. March 15, 2024

Price? Pricey!

Pretty sure anyone taking this is already taking ten other supplements for basics. I'm not even sure it does anything yet. Hard to add $70 to a monthly vitamin budget. Anything you can do about the cost? I might give it a longer chance if it was a lot less money.

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Lyssa L. March 5, 2024

We'll see

Five stars in expectation of senolytic performance. The first day of pills swallowed.

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Fannie W. April 12, 2023

Great Health Enhancement Potential

t seemed to enhance the effects of my regular supplements. I was energized and alert.

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