Faith R. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 1 year ago

We shall see

Just received it quickly. Waiting to see how it works

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Katharine S. October 22, 2023

Looking Forward to a Great Experience

I have just received my vitamins and cannot wait to start this journey! The pills are easy to swallow and settle on my stomach easily.

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Shubh M. August 11, 2022

Flow state

Qualia Mind has literally blown my mind. It puts you in a highly focused flow state in an instant. I'm currently using it to write my thesis and it makes my writing effortless. In addition, when I take it in a fasted state, I get most of my critical thinking at that time. My brain makes new conne...

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Brian P. August 13, 2022

Good Stuff

I’ve been taking Mind for several years now and I really do like it. I’ve tried to switch to other, less expensive options but I always end up coming back. Highly recommended.

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Luis Z. December 3, 2021

The Buzz on the Market

Everyone is talking about Qualia, including leading figures in the biohacking industry. After investigating the ingredients, the science, and the network of professionals surrounding Qualia, I’m excited to finally have bought it. I look forward to joining the biohacking revolution, and paving the...

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