Jann G. reviewed Qualia NAD+

12 days ago

Weight Training 70 year old woman

I've been using Qualia NAD+ for almost 6 months now and find it an indispensable part of my health span/longevity stack. I started a serious weight training program March 1, 2024, and believe it is in part responsible for my current success and ability to progressively build strength and muscles.

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Hannah K. April 14, 2024


The product works really well, i am really glad i finally bought it! However, the one thing i was dissapointed by was their packaging - plastic.

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Earl B. March 18, 2024

Actually made me look and feel younger

Honestly, after taking it 25 days or so I was about to cancel because I noticed absolutely NOTHING. I forgot to cancel and my second bottl cam in. I was mad. I cancelled that day. then a few days later I was at a party. Feeling great. And several people who hadn't seen me in a long time were comm...

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Shelly C. February 1, 2023

Still unsure

I’m a very energetic person as it is so this may have gotten me a slight bit energy. I may need to take more to see if I see additional benefits.

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Teresa M. February 18, 2024

Feeling juiced

From the first day I started taking Qualia NAD+, I felt a shift in energy availability and in my ability to focus. I was mindful not to change any parts of my morning routine with the exception of the 2 NAD+ capsules which I took with my morning mushroom coffee. I definitely was not expectin...

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